Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon

September 26, 2023
Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon: Factors to Consider for Successful Results

The most important thing to consider during a hair transplant is natural-looking results, and a well-trained surgeon to perform is essential for attaining safe and natural results.

As per the best hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon, at SB Trichology, ‘An unqualified or poorly trained hair transplant surgeon can cause serious harm to the hair and scalp, and this can trigger hair transplant side effects. Some frequent concerns that can emerge from choosing an inexperienced surgeon are an unnatural or patchy hairline, visible scarring, and infection’. These can not only result in unsatisfactory results but also put donor hair at risk, making it impossible to obtain a second hair transplant in the future if necessary.

Coming up is a list of 15 factors to consider while choosing the right hair transplant surgeon to ensure the best hair transplant results outcome. 

1. The hair transplant surgeon's credentials

To begin, patients need to review the qualifications of the hair transplant surgeon who will perform the transplants. Patients may inquire about the surgeon's degree, whether the physician is a licensed hair transplant specialist, how long the surgeon has been performing hair transplant surgery, and so on. When the surgeons achieve this critical criterion, they are guaranteed to provide the most successful hair transplant results.

2. The hair transplant clinic's infrastructure

Visiting the hair transplant clinic in person is the best way to learn about the infrastructure. During their visit, patients can wander around the clinic, see the infrastructure, and even speak with the executive at the support desk. Find out if the hair transplant surgeon is using the most recent equipment and hair transplant processes. A hair transplant centre with up-to-date facilities ensures that hair transplants are securely rooted in the recipient areas. SB Trichology is the leading hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon that offers the best hair transplant services, like FUE and FUT, to patients of all ages and gender. The clinic also provides hair transplant services for women. 

3. The condition of the donor hair follicles

Hair follicles extracted from the donor site must be healthy enough to be deeply rooted in the recipient areas and be resistant to falling out. Successful hair transplant results will be a myth even though the donor areas have hair follicles in excellent and healthy condition. As a result, the hair transplant surgeon in Gurgaon will do a Trichoscopy investigation to identify the hair loss level and the hair follicles' health. Based on the number of hair follicles or grafts transplanted, the cost of a hair transplant procedure also varies. To learn more about the cost of hair transplant surgery in Gurgaon, contact the experts at SB Trichology, unit of SB Aesthetics.

4. The recipient area's condition

The recipient area must also be fertile if the hair follicles are healthy. When the recipient area is productive or at least sensitive to hair transplant surgery, favourable results are possible.

5. Checking in with the surgeon

Patients must contact the hair transplant surgeon before and after the procedure. Patients must attend doctor consultations before surgery. Following this, the surgeon will be in a great position to determine which approach, FUE or FUT, will be most successful in the given situation. Patients must return to the hair transplant clinic for checkups after completing the procedure.

6. Following pre- and post-procedural guidelines

To ensure smooth and proper recovery and get desired results, patients must follow the surgeon's pre- and post-procedural instructions. Patients can be confident that their hair transplant surgery will be effective if they closely adhere to these guidelines.

7. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Finally, a healthy lifestyle that includes proper sleep, a balanced diet, and intake of addiction-free food is better for effectively growing hair transplants. The hair transplant results are long-lasting, and if one wants long-lasting results of a hair transplant after 10 years, one must have a healthy diet and proper follow-up with the doctors.

8. Surgeon's aesthetic and artistic skills

A hair transplant surgeon must have aesthetic abilities to position the grafts according to the patient's facial profile, age, and gender. It is said that the hair restoration procedure is 60% artistic skills and 40% scientific approach because both the steps of designing the hairline and implanting the grafts on the bald portion require an extreme sense of creative skills, which only a qualified hair transplant surgeon can perform to get the most effective aesthetic output of the procedure.

9. A thorough hair examination is required for a proper diagnosis

A proper diagnosis is required to ensure the effectiveness of the hair transplant. Indeed, this stage allows for a preliminary examination of the donor area to provide enough grafts to cover the recipient area. The hair examination is also required to determine whether the grafts in the donor area are of good quality. The thickness and quantity of follicles per graft are two factors that must be carefully monitored for a successful hair transplant.

10. A clear knowledge of your objectives

For the patient's expectations to be met, they must be able to articulate them during a preoperative appointment. This appointment helps the patient identify the areas where hair loss is most noticeable and prioritise areas that need repair. It is also helpful to indicate precise desires regarding the hairline.

11. Extraction of hair follicles with care

The follicular unit extraction must be performed carefully. Experience and skill are required to ensure the success of a hair transplant. The best doctor for hair treatment must establish their orientation, exit angle, and direction to extract the follicular units without injuring them.

The extraction of the hair follicles is essential for attaining natural-looking results from the hair transplant. An unsuccessful extraction, on the other hand, can create irreversible damage, making a new hair transplant trend unfeasible. Manual FUE is the most effective procedure for extracting hair follicles.

12. Optimal follicle storage conditions

Following extraction, the follicles are separated and collected based on the number of hair per follicle. They are kept in a container at a low temperature, usually 4°C. The grafts must be fed a nutrient solution to be revitalised and reinforced due to a lack of blood circulation.

13. The appropriate manner of implementation

Making the right choice for hair transplant technique is essential for the surgeon to ensure a natural outcome that meets the patient's expectations. Implantation can be performed with a CHOI pen or a Saphir blade for DHI hair transplants or FUE hair transplants. Each hair transplant process in Gurgaon at SB Trichology has advantages. Only an expert hair transplant surgeon can effectively advise the patient on the most appropriate implantation approach.

14. The grafts must be carefully placed

The procedure for implanting the grafts with precision is essential to the outcome of the hair transplant surgery. Each patient has a specific hair growth pattern that needs careful planning to provide the best possible result from the hair transplant. For the grafts to be successfully implanted, many factors must be considered. Some of the factors that need to be considered during the implantation process are the angle of the hair follicle from the scalp, the orientation of the hair follicles, and the perfect alignment of the hair follicles.

15. Respect for the surgeon's instructions and post-operative care

Several phases of post-operative care must be undertaken following hair transplant surgeries to improve hair transplant success rates and combat female and male pattern baldness. These instructions and the surgeon's advice are critical for encouraging hair regrowth and achieving the best results. It is necessary to not engage in physical activity for several weeks following the procedure, not to get the treated area sun exposed, not to wear a cap or a motorcycle helmet, not to massage or scratch the transplanted area, and to avoid sauna sessions. Applying the right hair products is also required to encourage regeneration and improve hair transplant results.

At SB Trichology, hair transplant treatment in Gurgaon is performed by expert surgeons. To learn how it can transplant one’s life, contact the right hair transplant surgeon at SB Trichology ,a unit of SB Aesthetics!

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