Eyebrow Transplant in Gurgaon

In earlier days, eyebrow transplants were not that common, but over the years, the sense and finesse of restoring the lost tissue to improve the aesthetic outcome have made eyebrow transplant a standard hair transplant procedure. Dr Shilpi Bhadani (MCH Plastic Surgery) has expertise in providing the best eyebrow transplant in Gurgaon. Eyebrow transplant is one of her most frequently performed procedures by her. She advocates Eyebrow transplants for seekers unsatisfied with the shape of their eyebrows or those who suffer from reduced eyebrows, particularly in post-burn or post-traumatic correction patients. Transplant is one of the widely accepted solutions for the correction of eyebrow loss and can be performed in both males and females resulting in lifetime solution as it continues to grow and look like your own natural eyebrows.

The requirement of the follicles is lesser in case of eyebrow transplant and thus a smaller area of the donor site is prepared for the harvest. FUE method for the eyebrow transplant leaves no residual scar and gives you a natural result. Eyebrow and eyelash transplant warrants single-stranded delicate hair roots, which are perfect for natural eyebrow and eyelash results.

What to consider when you are thinking of getting an eyebrow or eyelash transplant

Eyebrow transplant requires more than just planning and thus demands a certain level of expertise to create what is lost. If you are considering it, the first thing to choose is an experienced professional. Eyebrow’s reconstruction puts forward a challenge as it differs from other hair in the facial region. The angulation of the hair is much more acute or flatter to the skin; thus, the direction of placing the graft takes precedence and certainly requires surgical skill. Thus, the expert doctor follows a thorough approach to provide the best eyebrow transplant in Gurgaon.

The eyebrow design is decided with a meticulous pre-surgical consultation between the surgeon and the patient. Eyebrow transplantation requires choosing only single-stranded hair follicles. This is possible with Hair - Art eyebrow transplant. Eyebrow transplantation is performed under local anaesthesia with no downtime associated with the procedure

There is no gross restriction on your daily routine however Redness and crusting occurs however the implanted area heals in 5-7 days.

To know about the eyebrow transplant cost in Gurgaon or to meet the expert surgeon, schedule an appointment with Dr Shilpi Bhadani, SB Trichology unit of SB Aesthetics, Gurugram, call us on +918130134693 or Contact Us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects with eyebrow transplant?

Generally, an eyebrow transplant in Gurgaon is safe if performed on a suitable candidate by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Shilpi Bhadani at SB Trichology. However, just like any other cosmetic procedure, eyebrow transplant also has some potential risks and side effects. The most common one includes pain, bruising, and swelling around the transplant area just immediately after the surgery. Next is the chance of having an infection and loss of feeling or some hair follicles at the site of surgery. Scarring is the most common side effect of eyebrow transplant that over time fades away. All of the side effects, risks, and complications associated with eyebrow transplants are discussed by the surgeon during the initial consultation.

Do eyebrow transplants look natural?

Eyebrow transplant surgery involves transferring hair from areas that usually are resistant to thinning or balding, such as the side or back of the head, and transplanting them to the eyebrow region in the direction in which natural hair grows. This cosmetic surgery produces the most natural-appearing permanent results as the patient’s hair is used as a graft to restore hair loss in the eyebrow region. The shape and density of the newly created eyebrows are as desired by an individual. The surgery provides an individual with fuller, pronounced eyebrows that make the eyes balance with other facial features and improve facial aesthetics. However, to maintain the right length of eyebrow hair regular trimming of hair is required.  

What is the safest eyebrow transplant procedure?

The advanced most effective and safest eyebrow transplant in Gurgaon is FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction. In an FUE eyebrow transplant at SB Trichology, donor hair is extracted usually from the back of the scalp or above the ears with the help of a micro punch tool. The donor hair is harvested as individual hair follicles by creating tiny incisions. When the new eyebrow region is ready, the donor hair follicles are implanted, typically with the help of a needle and microscope. The surgery does not involve making large skin incisions, use of a scalpel, and suturing. Small circular punch-like holes are just left behind after surgery.

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