FUE Hair Transplant In Gurgaon

There are many hair transplant techniques available and the most popular one is Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE Hair Transplant in Gurgaon.

Undergoing hair transplantation can bring about a significant transformation as it enhances the quality of health, and helps regain confidence by promoting the growth of thick hair in areas with absent or thinning hair. This surgical hair restoration procedure offers the best results when done by a professional, skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon.

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE is an advanced method of hair transplantation wherein individual hair grafts are taken with the help of a micro-punch tool from areas with enough healthy, thick hair and implanted one by one in thinning or balding areas of the body. It is widely recognised as a feasible alternative to the traditional FUT method for restoring lost hair on the head. 

The transplanted hair grows just as existing hair so the results are completely natural and for a lifetime. At SB Trichology, FUE Hair Transplant In Gurgaon is provided by skilled hair transplant surgeon Dr. Shilpi Bhadani and her team of hair experts. If you desire the changes provided by this procedure, get in touch with the experts today at SB Trichology. 

Who can go for a FUE Hair Transplant?

While the FUE hair transplant is effective and safe, it is not ideal for everyone. People can choose this procedure if:

  • They have thin patches of hair
  • Some of the areas of their scalp have almost no hair; there is enough healthy donor hair available 
  • Medications have not helped them restore their hair growth
  • They want an entirely new hairline and replace their hair thinning and hair loss affected areas.

FUE is not recommended for patients who have lost practically all of their hair. It can also be inconvenient for individuals with long hair because the hair along the side of the head must be cut. However, for grafts below 400, cutting a small section will suffice.

For more details on your candidacy for this procedure get in touch with a hair transplant surgeon at SB Trichology.

What are the advantages of FUE?
  • Minimal discomfort or pain post-op
  • No linear scar
  • Wounds are more minor and less obvious
  • Early recovery
  • Natural looking results

Why People Choose FUE Hair Transplant?

1. Natural hair is Used

A head full of thick, healthy hair is what young people have. FUE hair transplant in Gurgaon performed at SB Trichology helps achieve the same for people suffering from hair loss and them look younger. The hair transplant surgeon at SB Trichology is known for their aesthetic eye for detail. The team of experts at SB Trichology meticulously plan the extraction and transplantation of the collected individual hair follicles to achieve the most natural-looking outcomes. They ensure that the integrity of the hair grafts is maintained. 

During FUE hair transplant, the hair transplant surgeon may cherry-pick the grafts required for optimal results. They pick only the finer donor hair for the hairline and thicker grafts for increased density. This enables them to customise their patient’s hairstyle based on their natural hair growth.

2. Renewed Confidence

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including heredity, hypothyroidism, cancer therapies, or drugs for other medical disorders. It can be temporary or permanent. For many people, hair loss (alopecia) or thinning hair can lead to low self-esteem, sadness, anxiety, and other emotional issues.

Men and women who have had FUE hair transplantation report a considerable boost in self-esteem and a better overall attitude towards life. This rise in self-esteem is accompanied by a return to previous norms, an enhanced social life, and a restored interest in sports and other activities. 

3. A Completely Safe and Painless Procedure

Hair transplant surgery is safe and has no adverse effects when performed by a qualified and skilled hair transplant surgeon. The process is also painless as it involves the use of local anaesthesia.

4. Minimal Risk of Complications

FUE hair transplantation involves the creation of minimal incisions in the donor and recipient sites. These incisions are more like small dots that heal rapidly. As it involves minimal invasion, it has a low chance of complications or adverse effects. Nonetheless, the patients can expect some swelling and redness in the treated regions until the incisions heal.

5. No Visible Linear Scarring

Unlike FUT hair transplantation which involves making linear incisions in the donor area to harvest hair grafts, the FUE hair transplantation leaves no noticeable, linear scars. The micro-punch holes created in the donor area heal to leave microscopic, nearly invisible scars in human sight.  

6. Multiple Donor Sites

Donor hair grafts are not restricted to the head. FUE hair transplants can be performed using body hair such as beard and chest hair, which is very useful for patients who have minimal donor hair on their scalp.

What to Expect After an FUE Hair Transplant?

It is critical to understand what happens during FUE hair transplant in Gurgaon to achieve the best results and recovery. This includes multiple steps, which include:

  • Before FUE Surgery

Hair transplant surgeon encourages their patients to avoid intake of any blood thinners and anti-inflammatory medications for 3-5 days before the procedure. They ask their patients to avoid drinking alcohol and quit smoking to avoid delaying their recovery and also spending too much time in the sun, exposing their scalp to direct sunlight. 

  • FUE Procedure

A hair transplant is a day-long procedure that uses local anaesthesia to harvest the "grafts" from the donor site using a micro-punch device. There is no need to make incisions or require stitches in the donor site. 

Each hair graft naturally contains one, two, or three hair follicles, which are individually transplanted to the thinning or balding area at the appropriate angles to match the direction/pattern of the patient's natural hair growth. The areas where the hair follicles are implanted are first prepared by the hair transplant surgeon who creates multiple micro-holes in the skin using a sharp surgical tool. Even the recipient areas are numbed with local anaesthesia before transplantation.  

  • After FUE Surgery

For the first few nights after surgery, patients will need to sleep with their heads raised on multiple pillows or a recliner chair. This will help minimise their swelling. They should avoid excessive physical activities during the first week of recovery and take proper rest. 

Furthermore, they should avoid direct sun exposure, alcohol, and smoking during the first two weeks, as they will slow healing and damage the grafts.

The expert recommends taking a few days off work to heal faster and more smoothly. 

  • Recovery Time

The recovery time is minimal. There are no stitches involved. It takes roughly 12 days for the tiny scabs to completely disappear.

How To Maintain FUE Hair Transplant Results?

New hair growth will begin in the third to fourth month following treatment and will gradually fill in naturally over the next few months. Full results of hair transplantation are usually visible 12 months after the procedure.

To maintain the results, it is critical to thoughtfully care for the transplanted hair. To achieve optimal healing, the patient should strictly follow the post-operative guidelines. They should resume their normal hair care routine as recommended by the hair transplant doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FUE hair transplant permanent?

Hair transplants are considered permanent. In the majority of cases, transplanted hair follicles grow hair that stays for forever. But, the longevity of the hair transplant surgery outcome depends on the patient’s age, lifestyle, and heredity.

Is FUE hair transplant good for you?

Any sort of hair restoration, including FUE hair transplant is a wonderful choice for individuals suffering from thinning hair or hair loss. This has no adverse effects on regular or transplanted hair. To confirm your eligibility for FUE hair transplant in Gurgaon you can consult Dr. Shilpi Bhadani at SB Trichology. 

Is the FUE hair transplant safe?

The safety of FUE hair transplantation depends upon the hair transplant surgeon performing the transplant surgery. As it is less invasive surgery than FUT and does not require stitches, it is associated with minimal side effects and risks. It is critical to get FUE hair transplant done by a skilled hair transplant surgeon for guaranteed safety and success. 

How long does a FUE hair transplant take from start to finish?

The FUE procedure is so effective and comprehensive that each session can take an entire day. The appointment is planned so that patients, the hair transplant doctor, and the professional team can take comfort breaks as needed.

If you are interested in this procedure, get in touch with Dr. Shilpi Bhadani to avail these treatment benefits and learn more about cost and benefits of FUE hair transplant in Gurgaon.

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