Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women in Gurgaon

Thinning hair or a high hairline in women makes them self-conscious 

Do females experience hair loss?
The general belief is that hair loss is seen only in men. However, at our clinic, we see roughly 50% of women who experience noticeable hair loss. The most common type of hair loss in women is female-pattern hair loss (FPHL), which affects almost one-third of predisposed women. Our centre has handled varied female patients with different hair-related concerns. Many patients recommend us for providing the best treatment for hair loss in women in Gurgaon. If you are suffering from the same condition, you must get expert advice.

Who all are likely to experience hair loss?

Anyone can experience hair loss. However, it is more commonly seen in:

  • Females older than 40 years of age.
  • Females who have just had babies or are pregnant.
  • Females who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy or who are under. medication.
  • Females who use harsh chemicals on their hair.
  • Females going through Menopause.

Are there myths about hair loss in Females?

Being recognized as the top hair transplant facility for providing the best treatment for hair loss in women in Gurgaon, we have come across several myths people have related to it. There is a long list of myths surrounding female hair loss. These Include:

  • You will lose hair if you shampoo it too much.
  • Dandruff leads to permanent hair loss in women.
  • Stress induces permanent hair loss in women.
  • Shaving your head will result in thicker hair.
  • Standing on your head you’ll increase circulation and would stimulate hair growth.
  • Brushing/Combing your hair vigorously will make your hair healthier.
  • Hats cause hair loss in females.
  • Intellectual females are more prone to Hair Loss.
Symptoms and Causes

What causes hair loss?

  •  Hairstyle: In some patients, it could be possible because of the style like tight ponytails, braids, or cornrows, due to continuous traction on the roots it results in hair loss and is known as traction alopecia and If this leads to damage to the hair follicles, the loss can be permanent.
  • Vitamin deficiency is also one of the major reasons for hair loss in females.
  • Dieting (rapid weight loss).
  • Restrictive diets are often associated with hair loss.
  • Over processed scalp hair (breakage).
Reasons for anagen effluvium hair loss?

Toxic Chemicals, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and some medications. This results in hair loss that can occur anywhere in your body. It Occurs when hair is in the Growth Phase. If this is not addressed correctly it may damage the hair follicle permanently and hair loss would be irreversible.

Reasons for telogen effluvium hair loss?

The main reasons include events like Excessive weight loss, surgery, anaemia, illness and Postpartum. If you have been suffering from hyper or hypothyroidism or been under medication and supplements for blood pressure, gout and high doses of Vitamin A. Hormonal change caused by pregnancy, menopause, or birth control pills. Sometimes it is also due to Intense physical stress or Shock to the body

What causes Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL)?

 Well, there could be multifactorial causes for the FPHL though Genetics is the most reasonable explanation for this and leads to thinning of hair along the top of your head.

Females do also notice that with Aging, Hormone changes cause balding and are mostly encountered during Menopause, this type of hair loss often gets worse when estrogen is lost during menopause.

Few individuals do suffer from an autoimmune condition known as Alopecia areata that causes irregular hair loss on your head.

The link between hair loss in females and menopause

What exactly happens during menopause, you might encounter any of these happening, either you start growing hair in places where it was not present, or you see the hair has started to thin particularly on the head. The female hormone i.e., Oestrogen and progesterone levels fall and the effects of the androgens, male hormones, are increased and the DHT leads to the follicles shrinking and contributing to slow hair growth and falls out more easily in these cases.

Tell-tell signs of hair loss in Females

Most females start observing hair fall daily either on their hairbrush or on the floor, after showers, on their pillows after they wake up. Noticeable spots of thinner or missing hair, females often recognize that the parting has started to develop a gap which is noticeable by other people. Scalp skin getting visible through hair or having smaller and thinner ponytails.

 Diagnosis and Tests

 A detailed history often consisting of questions about the habits, products used, Hairstyle, dietary habits, any recent infection, or any underlying disease for which patient is undergoing or has undergone any kind of treatment, familial history of hair loss

Diet & Supplements and pregnancy gives the clinician an idea, which can be further established with a thorough clinical examination. Blood tests are conducted to rule out any deficiency such as vitamin D, vitamin B, zinc and iron or to rule out any altered hormone level (including thyroid and sex hormones).

In a few rare conditions, the clinician may examine a small piece of scalp tissue under a microscope also called a Scalp biopsy.

Management and Treatment

At SB Trichology, Dr Shilpi Bhadani and her team aim to provide the best treatment for hair loss in women in Gurgaon. To do so, the doctor provides personalised treatment based on patients’ needs by addressing the underlying cause of their hair loss. These often include combination treatment to address the multifactorial issue. The treatment may include the topical solution to apply locally along with additional oral nutritional supplements. Dr Shilpi Bhadani believes in Evidence-based practice, she has been advocating Growth factor Treatment to her patients as over the years of clinical experience she is able to deliver the desired results to her patients with Growth factor treatment with or without Mesotherapy. In cases where the loss is due to stress or hormone changes like pregnancy, there might be no treatment needed as it will stop after a while.  

For patients who have suffered from major Alopecia, Hair transplant surgery is the most suited option for these patients. Dr Shilpi and her Team have been doing it for the past 10 years and are able to deliver life-changing results to their patients. Dr Shilpi Bhadani has developed a unique technique for doing the same and is called H-ART or Hair-ART, it is the advanced version of FUE where they follow the direct implantation and keep the grafts for the minimal possible time in the extracorporeal environment thus improving the overall graft uptake. She also does perform other conventional techniques such as FUE and FUT depending on the clinical judgement based on individual patients.

HairLine Advancement Surgery for Females

Females do present with a high hairline pattern which often resembles a Male hairline pattern, in these cases the advancement surgery also called forehead reduction surgery is the most suited and preferred choice to correct the hairline.  The surgery is performed under Sedation or General Anaesthesia and the incision is placed on the forehead at the beginning of the hairline to reduce the forehead shows. This surgery is often combined with Frontal Bossing correction and is a commonly performed procedure in Female Feminization Surgery.

Post-Surgery care and Maintenance.

To provide the most effective treatment for hair loss in women in Gurgaon, our team provides each patient with detailed post-surgical instructions. The expert team is advised to be closely followed to encourage proper healing and understand the course of events that the patient will encounter post-surgery. The healing process varies among patients, the recovery typically takes two to three weeks, and the results keep improving with every passing day up to 6 months.

Mild swelling and discomfort are expected with numbness initially for the first few days after surgery. Prescription medication generally includes antibiotic coverage and mild painkillers. We at our centre advise patients to have their first head wash at 5th postoperative day.

Patients are advised to avoid Heavy weight lifting and strenuous activities for 6-8 weeks. Most patients return to their basic daily regime after their stitches are removed, which typically occurs one week after surgery.

Why to Choose SB Trichology ?

We have a dedicated team at SB Trichology. We have a state-of-the-art medical facility and complies with the maximum safety standards. Dr Shilpi Bhadani at SB Trichology is a highly respected, board-certified plastic surgeon and along with her team has created a niche in the field of hair Restoration and treatment.

To schedule an appointment with Dr Shilpi Bhadani, SB Trichology unit of SB Aesthetics, Gurugram call us on +918130134693 or Contact Us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hair loss common in Indian women?

Yes, hair loss is quite a common concern among Indian women. Indian women tend to suffer from genetic hair loss. However, their extensive hair fall is worse due to other reasons such as tightly pulled hairstyles, long-term use of chemicals or extreme heat for hair styling, excessive stress, significant weight loss, environmental factors (water/ pollution), diet deficiencies, and anaemia.

Is it normal for women to lose hair at 30?

Hair loss can happen in women at any age. It’s common for women to experience hair thinning and normal to have a fear of losing hair when reaching 30. There are several reasons behind hair loss in women in their 30s. The common triggers for excessive hair loss in women mostly belonging to the 25-44 years age group include hormonal imbalance, stress, and dietary changes.

One can take help of Dr. Shilpi Bhadani, best hair loss treatment doctor and plastic surgeon at SB Trichology to get effective treatments for Hair Loss in Women in Gurgaon.

Is there a cure for female hair loss?

Currently, there is no cure for female hair loss or baldness. But there are ways by which the problem can be fixed. Female Hair Loss Treatments in Gurgaon at SB Trichology might be able to reverse hair loss or at least slow down/prevent further hair fall/loss. The treatments include medications to allow natural hair regrowth, growth factor treatment, and surgery like hair transplant to provide lifetime hair coverage across the scalp.

What is the reason for hair loss in females?

Females can suffer from hair loss due to a lot of reasons. Many females go for hair styling that can be damaging. They may daily wear tightly pulled hairstyles or use chemical hair products to straighten or curl their hair on a frequent or long-term basis. They may also straighten their hair often with blow dryers and flat irons. All this makes their hair strands weak, causes them to break, and ultimately causes extensive hair loss. Other potential causes for hair loss in females include extreme emotional/physical stress or mental illness; hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, menopause, or use of oral contraceptives; an iron deficiency/anaemia; side effects of certain medications; restrictive diets or dramatic weight loss causing the temporary breakdown of the hair growth process.

To get more details on treatment for Hair Loss in Women in Gurgaon, pay a visit at SB Trichology.

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